Wednesday Night
Bible Study and Fellowship Supper

Weekly, on Wednesday nights, our church comes together for fellowship supper.  It is a potluck supper that begins at 6:15 and lasts until the start of Bible Study and Youth Fellowship.  It is a time of sitting back and eating dinner with church members while sharing about our weeks.

Following supper, at 7:00, we transition into Youth Fellowship and Bible Study.  

Have you ever been curious about Angels and the significance they play not only in the spiritual realm but their interaction in our everyday lives!  January 17th will begin our new Bible Study each Wednesday evening at 7:00p.m., following our Fellowship Dinner beginning at 6:15 p.m.  This Bible Study will be a study on Angels.  Angels:  Good and Evil.  As Christians we need to know what the bible teaches us about angels, demons, and Satan.  As Christians we need to know the power and activity of God’s angels who remain faithful to Him and at the same time resist the activity of Satan and the fallen angels. 

In this Study we will learn about the existence—origin—names—classification along with learning about the ministry of angels and our relationship with them.  We will learn about personality, names, original state and fall, along with the present power and activity of Satan and the demons.  Our study will conclude with learning about the defeat and final destiny of Satan and his angels.