Vacation Bible School 2019


Come join us for To Mars and Beyond VBS where we will learn more about God's Kingdom each night.  There will be crafts, music, games, a science experiment, and a story each night.

Each night will also have a snack supper!  Drop your child off at the Fellowship hall at 6:15 for dinner!  Pick up will be at 8:30 in the Sanctuary.

Children as young as preschool are welcome!

Snack Suppers will be chicken nuggets, spaghetti, pizza, or hot dogs.

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NIGHT 1: Go beyond with FAITH like Daniel in the lion's den.
NIGHT 2: Go beyond with BOLDNESS like Queen Esther.
NIGHT 3: Go beyond with KINDNESS like the Good Samaritan.
NIGHT 4: Go beyond with THANKFULNESS like the lepers Jesus healed.
NIGHT 5: Go beyond with HOPE like the friends Jesus comforted on the way to Emmaus.